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Landscapes Landscapes
Landscapes shown here are painted from Plein Air studies or photographs I have taken on my journeys. Sometimes I have friends that share their photographs with me and I paint those. I also enjoy recreating pieces from the old masters. Many of my landscape paintings are hanging in Soul River Gallery (See 'Soul River' section from the side bar) in Silver City, NM. 

Plein Air Plein Air
Plein Air is the exercise of traveling to a desired area with all your paints. There you set up and compose a scene on your canvas. Then, race to paint it all in before the sun shifts too far, the mosquitos eat you the snakes bite and the heat or cold overcomes you. It is exhilarating!

"To paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize the sensations." 
 Paul Cezanne

Sedona Collection Sedona Collection
I have the opportunity to paint Sedona yearly. It is a wondrous place full of inspiration.

Out in the field Out in the field
A collection of works I created painting our beautiful country.

Pets Pets
The paintings represented on this page are mostly commissions and have long been sold and are hanging in the homes of their owners. Those with pricing are available for sale. 

Having a portrait of your beloved pet will immortalize the love and memories you have. Why not have yours done? Contact me to get one today.

Portraits & People Portraits & People
Portraits From Photographs. Contact me for your commissioned portrait.

Art Novelties Art Novelties
Most of the images on can be transferred to #notecards, #coffee_mugs, #T-shirts, #bags, #mouse pads, etc.

Notecards can be purchased in bundles for a reduced per card price. 8 cards for $20.

Whimsy Sketches & Multi-media Whimsy Sketches & Multi-media
When I see something that sparks my imagination I will sketch it in my little journal. Sometimes I will create a larger painting from it or add it to the composition. It is also in my journal which I enjoy remembering. 

All artwork on this site is the sole property of the author/painter, Gay Scheibl. And as such it is protected by USA Federal Copyright law.

 Gay Myers ScheiblSilver City, NM(520) 603-5666