Glenn is a representational artist from Sherwood Arkansas where he has lived since 1990 with his wife Karen, a photographer and artist in her own right. His influences span from the old masters to the modern illustration geniuses such as Rockwell and Loomis and the new modern masters of realism today. He works in oils, charcoal and graphite and occasionally pastel. His primary focus is oils and any scene depicting people that can tell a story. While many artists shun portraits and the human figure Glenn embraces the challenge. “Although I enjoy still life and landscapes as much as anyone, it is the human element especially the face that intrigues me. The uniqueness and expression of every individual can tell a story all to itself. Each time I paint or draw a person’s face I can’t help but feel a deeper connection to that individual. That makes each work special.” Glenn is a member of the prestigious INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF REALISM, the OIL PAINTERS OF AMERICA, The PORTRAIT SOCIETY OF AMERICA and locally the  ARKANSAS  LEAGUE OF ARTISTS and the ARKANSAS ARTS CENTER

"My earliest memories are of drawing people and scenes while creating my own little world with a pencil.  At age 15 I took up the brush and began painting landscapes and portraits in acrylic before abandoning my art for 24 years to make a living. Then at age 40, I decided on a whim to see if I could still paint or draw.  I decided to try my hand at oils and the result is the painting 'Violin and Rose' shown in my gallery under still life. To my own amazement I found I was better at age 40 than I was when I gave up art entirely at age 16. That was in 1998. I painted and sketched sporadically for 4 years and once again allowed work and life to push my artwork aside until I met Karen in 2010.  Her encouragement brought me back to the easel.
  Being completely self-taught I found portraiture  was what fascinated me the most but as before, making a living brought a halt to my art again. Now retired and finally painting and drawing whenever I please I still find people fascinate me the most. Every face is unique as is the soul that is behind it. I have had several requests to 'breathe life' back into old photos which is a major challenge as opposed to working from life especially getting the correct skin and hair tone not to mention the lighting effects of really old historical photos. Painting children is actually a joy and capturing a child's true expression in an oil painting is so much more unique than a simple snapshot stored on a digital card or print. I work mostly from photographs out of necessity but working from life actually can breathe an extra dimension into a painting. While I can be described as realist or classical, I never have tried to copy anyone’s particular style or method. I have studied and admired the work of the masters such as Vermeer through Bouguereau, modern realists Duffy Sheridan and countless others. It all comes back to painting or drawing what I see in nature, the greatest artist of all. "


glenn beasley arkansas artist portraits in oil
self portrait in oil titled " At The Easel"


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 classical portraits, still life and historical artwork in oil, graphite and charcoal

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