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Family and adult portraits Family and adult portraits
In this gallery you will see samples both commissioned and non-commissioned portraits

Childrens Portraits Childrens Portraits
In today’s digital world most parents and grandparents have tons of photos of the little ones in their lives.  But a hand painted life-size oil portrait or drawing shows how really special that child is and will last for generations to come.

Old Masters copies & Historical Old Masters copies & Historical
Old masters copies of classic works
While I have done several posthumous portraits of family and friends, painting and drawing historical subjects both famous and anonymous are very challenging.  In 2011, I was asked to explore creating artwork about the civil war which is a most difficult task when working strictly from vintage photographs of the era.  Photography was in its infancy and the lighting was harsh and glaring, not to mention the pose had to be held for approx. 20-30 seconds . A painting of this nature is at least 3 times as difficult to 'bring to life' compared to using a good modern print or digital image. Drawings are much easier, but still a challenge. However, the satisfaction is immense when a painting is nearly complete and you feel you have shed new light on old subjects that were just names and blurry photos in forgotten history books.

Still life & Florals Still life & Florals
These are examples of my work in Still Life and Florals

Original Compositions Original Compositions
Here you will find original concepts and works outside of basic still life, floral landscape etc. I am moving more in this direction as I continue to explore and grow as an artist

Drawings Drawings
Drawings in graphite, charcoal and pastel

Landscapes Landscapes

 classical portraits, still life and historical artwork in oil, graphite and charcoal

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