Art Journey Portraits and Figures
Regardless of the fact one of my works is featured in this book, it is an exceptional collection of portraits and figures from some of the top artists in the world today.

Art Journey Portraits and Figures

strokes of genius 6
I highly recommend Strokes of Genius 6 as well as all the previous volumes. You will find some of the absolute best drawings and artists working in graphite, charcoal, pastel and other mediums within these pages.

Strokes of Genius 6: Lights and Darks

strokes of genius 5
Strokes of Genius 5 – The Best of Drawing

Volume 5 in this fantastic series. It is some of the best of the best artwork from the top artists working today.


Here are a few of the works (minus the links and thumbnail) that I have found indispensable from my personal library:

Title                                                                                        Author

Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green                                       Michael Wilcox

Figure Drawing                                                                      Anthony Ryder

What Every Artists Needs to Know About Paint & Color       David Pyle

Vermeer & the Art of Painting                                          Author Wheelock

The Artist's Handbook                                                            Ralph Mayer

Traditional Oil Painting                                                           Virgil Elliott

Norman Rockwell Illustrator                                                    Author Gupthill


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 classical portraits, still life and historical artwork in oil, graphite and charcoal

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