First Light
My classical painting "First Light" began the 2nd leg of the highly successful and critically acclaimed "Masterworks Tour" sponsored by the International Guild of Realism. The exhibition consists of 70 artworks by 65 artists from around the globe selected by a jury-of-peers shaped by input from the project's tour director David Wagner. The Guild features works by some of the best artists practicing all forms and styles of realism today. The first stop of the tour was the R.W. Norton Museum and Gallery in Shreveport, LA which recently concluded on July 26. The tour continues with the next exhibit at the prestigious Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala Florida from Sept 5th through Nov 1. The Masterworks Tour was recently featured in the July edition of On View magazine. The third leg of the tour will travel to Albany Museum of Art in Albany Georgia from Feb 6th through June 11th. All exhibits are open to the public.


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 classical portraits, still life and historical artwork in oil, graphite and charcoal

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