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In my galleries under children's portraits you will find two images of Ben, a painting and drawing.  Ben left this life much too soon after only 14 months in this world.  I was given the honor to draw and paint his image for members of his family which I pray have given them some degree of comfort from his passing. As it turned out I had a request to do a second drawing using the same image I had used for the first one.  It was at times a curious feeling to 'copy' my own work as it turned out.  In most portraits I rarely use anything from the background of the reference photo. The background in both drawings was simply made up to show Ben running in a sunlit field without a great deal of distraction from his image.  Deciding whether to use the same background theme or give into the urge to create something new puzzled me for a while but in the end I decided to use basically the same theme. It was a new experience for me to actually go back and use my own previous work as a reference piece. I couldn't help but laugh to myself a bit. Btw, the image in this blog is the new drawing. You can compare it to the original in the gallery section.

Another new experience for me is a self-portrait.  For 2 years I have been asked when I was going to get around to it and I always put it off.  I have resisted it long enough and the motivation now is to try something a bit different than the portraits I have painted for my clients.  In most cases it was quite obvious the reference material was taken with the on camera flash or the lighting was always the same bland look that is so devoid of any creative shadows.  So now I won’t have anyone to blame but myself if I don’t like it!

As the New Year draws closer I am itching to dive into floral paintings. Karen does fabulous colored pencil and graphite drawings of irises and other floral subjects, but since she is still working her day job her time is limited. Hopefully, she will get a chance to publish her website soon. In the meantime, I plan on using some of her lovely photos of her flowers in her garden for subject matter.

And finally, landscapes.  We visited Crystal Bridges Museum twice, the last time during and exhibit of the Hudson River School works. As you can imagine, I have been dying to try my hand again at landscapes ever since. It has been over ten years since my last landscape work. (Due to my day job I did no artwork from '05 to '10 when I met Karen. Her encouragement  brought me back to art.) Hopefully in a couple of months I will have one on the easel. Btw, if you are within driving distance or you happen to be passing through northwest Arkansas, you should visit Crystal Bridges Museum located in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Each time we have visited we exhausted ourselves before we exhausted all the possibilities of the museum. Everything about it is top shelf and first class and you owe it to yourself to pay a visit. There is literally something there for everyone from classical to modern abstract and everything in between.  We will be back there again next spring.



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