Mrs Crye
I am thrilled to announce the publication of one of my favorite works 'Mrs. Crye' in an upcoming new book 'ART JOURNEY: PEOPLE published by North Light Books. 

North Light Books announced recently that Glenn Beasley's work titled 'Mrs. Crye' would be one of the selections published in their new book 'ART JOURNEY: PEOPLE' which will be released in late 2014. ART JOURNEY: PEOPLE is a large-format showcase of the best portrait paintings being done by today’s contemporary artists. The compilation is a companion piece to ART JOURNEY AMERICA: LANDSCAPES and ART JOURNEY: NEW MEXICO. All current and upcoming titles are available from North Light Books and

The work selected was a charcoal and light pastel drawing using an old b&w reference photo as a guide. The lovely lady represented was Glenn's wife's mother Mrs Merlean Crye. Glenn takes pride in bringing to life from the past the images of those who are no longer with us and is not afraid to tackle what many artists shun: portraits from old photos. Glenn said "It's a difficult challenge to say the least and makes a normal portrait from life or a digital image look easy by comparison. But the reward is in the joy and happiness expressed when you reveal the finished product to the loved one that may never have seen their image even in color, let alone in true oil painting or hand drawn image. The drawing 'Mrs. Crye' began as a straight forward charcoal & carbon pencil portrait but I decided to experiment a bit and added light tint with pastels to give it a sort of vintage look. It is one of my favorite works."

More information regarding publication dates will be released as soon as the information is made available.
Needless to say I am very proud and honored to be among the 104 artists selected from countless entries in North Light's Strokes of Genius series. Publication in the book will include a full page image of the work with a second page dedicated to comments about the piece. While my latest projects have moved slightly away from portraiture, this is a field I will never abandon as painting and drawing people are my favorite genre in the art world.


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