Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson

18 x 24 oil on canvas (private collection) Stonewall Jackson from May 1863 (Chancellorsville Photo).  With no model to go from and just the single photo (the last taken of Jackson while he was alive), I had to use my imagination and try to depict Jackson as all records indicate he was:  a stern, serious leader that had experienced all the hardships of 2 years of war and fatigue while exposed to the harsh elements of camp life.  I prefer showing historical figures as they were, not idealized in a 'flattering' look. (I take a completely different approach if the subject is a client however!) My goal  was for Jackson to appear as if he had just sat down and removed his cap and was probably a bit annoyed at having to sit for something so 'foolish' as a photograph....(sold)

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