My name is Richard Sweeney, I’m an MEng Automotive Engineer and currently in my final year of study. I have completed a year’s undergraduate placement working as a vehicle conversions engineer at Millbrook Proving Ground. In addition to this I have also led as the EFi system engineer for the University of Brighton’s 2018 Formula student team in parallel to achieving a First Class BEng degree.

I’m driven by a hands on passion for Mechanics which has stemmed from as early as I can remember, and it is this which continues to lead me towards the prospects of achieving Engineering chartership in the near future.

The roots of the Humber Pig project originate from a 1994 Golf VR6 which I was finally allowed the age of 14. Having left ownership of my father due to the extent of its mechanical issues I had discovered that it was in fact due to be scrapped from the college of further education premises where it had been assigned as a donor vehicle for the mechanics apprenticeship course.

Whilst working on the VR6 replacing the worn timing chains a friend of the family came and asked me to look at a Humber Pig which he had kept in a field, unprotected from the elements for the previous 8 years. From my first viewing of the Pig in the field it was clear that a large majority of items were missing, seized and broken, and restoration seemed almost unfeasible however the fundamentals of the Rolls Royce engine and incredible history made it no question in my mind.

A project such as this can’t be completed without a network of people to provide support, whether it be in logistics, technical advice, tooling, spares supply or just a laugh along the way when things get more challenging.

For this I’d like to not only thank my friends and family but: Chris Jinks - for giving me the Humber Pig to restore, Clive Elliot - for his technical support with Humber Pig specifics, Steve, Tony and Don at Commercial Trade Centre L.T.D - for their support whether it be lending tools, using their garage or giving technical advice and all others who have contributed in some way to the project.


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