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Richard Sweeney - Humber Pig Restoration

Artist directory :: Richard Sweeney - Humber Pig Restoration

Restoration of a Humber Pig which lay dormant for nearly 15 years.

Richard Sweeney - Humber Pig Restoration


Richard Sweeney 
My name is Richard Sweeney, I’m an MEng Automotive Engineer and currently in my final year of study. I have completed a year’s undergraduate placement working as a vehicle conversions engineer at Millbrook Proving Ground. In addition to this I have also led as the EFi system engineer for the University of Brighton’s 2018 Formula student team in parallel to achieving a First Class BEng degree. I’m driven by a hands on passion for Mechanics which has stemmed from as early as I can remember, and it is this which continues to lead me towards the prospects of achieving Engineering chartership in the near future. The roots of the Humber Pig project originate from a 1994 Golf VR6 which I was finally allowed the age of 14. Having left ownership of my father due...


History of Humber Pigs This collection gives a historic context to these machines and their primary purpose as armoured vehicles in the Northern Ireland conflict for which they were specifically adapted from the original one ton cargo truck used in the Malayan conflict of the mid to late 1950's.
Life before the field Previous to being left in a field for 8 years, the Pig was used for advertisement purposes. Sat with bonnet and hatches welded closed in a car park between the Mallard Cinema and All Stars restaurant, the Pig acted as a piece of military memorabilia to attract customers.
The Journey from field to home With the help of Joe Mooney - a local builder -and his tractor we towed the Humber Pig from St Sampsons in the north of Guernsey along the west coast to our home in St Saviours - just inland from Vazon Bay. To make things more interesting it was also the morning as the Guernsey marathon, taking place along the same stretch of coast road.
Before Restoration The following images show the condition of the Humber Pig as it arrived.
Phase 1 Restoration The Humber Pig restoration follows two planned stages of work, Phase 1 and 2. Phase one takes the Pig from its original condition as found in the field to a fully roadworthy state. Phase 2 involves the higher level show standard restoration.
The First Drive Having reached a mechanically roadworthy condition it was a time to give the Pig a test back on the roads. It's first 4 mile journey in over 15 years proved extremely successful along the west coast of Guernsey. Phase 1 was nearing completion after the outing highlighted the remaining technical jobs required to make the Pig fully roadworthy.
Phase 2 Restoration Phase 2 of the restoration consists of the higher level and detailed tasks involved in taking the Pig from its roadworthy state to show condition. Currently shown are 3 weeks worth of targeted work in this second phase of the project - having raised the funds by working for several weeks running my own garage / vehicle repair service in Guernsey.
Media and Publicity Media and publicity items including newspaper articles and pieces documented on the restoration can be found here.
Pig on the roads of Guernsey With the Humber now a fully usable vehicle here are a few photos of it during its outings!
Film links The following is a link to the original film trailer "The crying game" in which our pig featured.
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