I like to think of my art as a creative encounter with color, light and detail.

I have so many means of expression. But colored pencil as well as graphite pencil enable me to exercise the precise control necessary to portray everyday objects in realistic detail, and to render the dramatic effects of light and shadow.

Whatever other medium I use (oil, acrylic, magic marker or airbrush) I apply it to the drawing surface first for its color and value.  With colored pencil as my medium I then utilize the colored pencil to develop the exquisite nuances of color and fine detail that make my work distinctive.  But for me it is still all a learning process, and practice is key!

Good art is a result of careful planning, creative expression, strong composition, excellent craftsmanship, and a confident and complete exploration of the medium.  Everyday is a new adventure with my art and I only hope to strive and become better with time.  I hope you enjoy my web page!


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