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Painting Paradigms

Artist directory :: Painting Paradigms

A series of collections of different mediums worked on everything from drawing paper, illustration board, to canvas. These different mediums consist of graphite pencil, colored pencil, magic marker, oils, acrylics and airbrush. Coming soon, jewelry.

Painting Paradigms


Painting Paradigms 
About the Artist I am an entertainer at heart. I choose visual arts rather than the performing arts as entertainment. Without a doubt, my artwork will show conflicting forces between light and dark. My desire is to delight the eye by giving the viewer a lot to look at, rich in detail, rich in color, rich in expression, as well as challenging social sensibilities. I cannot help but have an impassionated experience with each piece I do because I enjoy my craft. I love the feeling of being lost in the process of creativeness, and engaged to my subject, which occupies me fully. I get pleasure from the process and I enjoy sharing with others who share the same interests. Biography Heidi feels like she has had a lifetime of experience in art. She...


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District of Columbia
United States


Magic Marker Art All pieces in this gallery were created in magic marker on paper
Colored Pencil Gallery All pieces in this gallery were all created with colored pencil on different types of paper
Graphite Pencil Art All pieces in this gallery were created in graphite pencil
Oil Painting Gallery All pieces in this gallery were created in oil on canvas
Acrylic Misc works done in acrylic on all types of surfaces. More to come!
Commissions Please contact me on any artwork you wish to have done. You can send me a photo via email and I can create the image in any medium of your choice.
Artwork Sold Artwork pieces I have sold. These are all commissioned pieces.
T-Shirt Design Couple of T-shirts I painted for friends and family.
I've been published! Logo that was created from a painting I had completed-turns out it is a very nice logo!
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