About the Artist

I am an entertainer at heart.  I choose visual arts rather than the performing arts as entertainment.  Without a doubt, my artwork will show conflicting forces between light and dark.  My desire is to delight the eye by giving the viewer a lot to look at, rich in detail, rich in color, rich in expression,  as well as challenging social sensibilities.

I cannot help but have an impassionated experience with each piece I do because I enjoy my craft.  I love the feeling of being lost in the process of creativeness, and engaged to my subject, which occupies me fully.  I get pleasure from the process and I enjoy sharing with others who share the same interests.


Heidi feels like she has had a lifetime of experience in art.  She started to draw at a very young age and, with no professional training, has taught herself how to manipulate several mediums of her choice, and create wonderful pieces of art.  Her latest choice of medium is oil, and she has been working with oils since 2007.

Heidi always dreamt that one day she would become a professional artist, but her busy schedule as a wife and taking care of her dogs and zoo at home, has postponed her dream. After a a long hiatus of not having painted since college, she decided to try oils again.  Since that day she has concentrated on oils to try and perfect her abilities, and has loved it ever since.  Art for her has rekindled her spirts, and she hence signed up for miscellaneous art classes and work shops to further her talents, along with many evenings of practice.

In 2008, she was the proud recipient of two honorable mentions for her artwork by the Woman of Chevy Chase art club.  This was the first time in two years that she entered oil paintings into this show and was recognized. In 2009, she received first place for a miniature oil piece.  In 2013 she received another honorable mention award for another painting entered into the Woman of Chevy Chase art club. This past April 2015 she received a second place ribon for entering her "Smooches" piece into the Woman of Chevy Chase art club show. 

She is an associate member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, and enjoys collaborating with other professionals in the CPSA.  She has also frequents the website "WetCanvas.com" which allows artists to share techniques that they have developed over the years.

Heidi currently lives with her husband of 21 years and her three dogs Zeus, Moo Moo, and Daisy Lee all animal rescue dogs and such a handful.  She also has a conglomerate of other miscellaneous creatures, but feel free to ask. 



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