Making my art is a journey of self-discovery. Personal narratives develop when I create my work, as I make parallels to ancient mythologies, as well as beliefs about fate, destiny, and the meaning of dreams. I like to focus on engaging in the aesthetic experience as a relaxation technique as I work intuitively to create my art attempting to use the artistic experience as a way to cultivate my creativity and enjoy the feeling of being lost in the process.

I am not concerned with being realistic when I create artwork as much as I am with creating abstractions of what I see and what I want others to see; exaggerating colors to express emotions and evoke feelings in the viewers of my works. I combine other imagery to tell my stories, developing playful juxtapositions of colors and shapes within the works using the method of automatism. I draw with a variety of pens, markers, charcoal and pastels. I also paint with liquid watercolors on hand-made printmaking paper, which lends itself to an unpredictability I enjoy. I continue to pursue these art forms to express a brighter, playful side of my art. These endeavors keep my ideas fresh and spontaneous. My intent is to create work that emotionally moves viewers of my work and inspires others to explore creating artworks of their own.

J.E. Crum


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I really like this art, it is very vibrant and it means something too me. I encourage you to keep making this art because it is truly amazing!
-- Luke , 2/17/23

I see vibrant colors and a great deal of self expression.I also see turmoil and complexity. Very interesting.
-- Aleta, 8/15/19

All artworks on this website were created by J.E. Crum. Feel free to contact me to learn more about my work. Thanks! J.E.