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The Art of J.E. Crum

Artist directory :: The Art of J.E. Crum

I believe art has the power to bring positivity and happiness to the world. When I create my work I enjoy getting lost in the process as my artworks evolve. Check out my ongoing collection and contact me if you like what you see! Thanks, J.E. Crum

The Art of J.E. Crum


J.E. Crum 
J.E. Crum is an artist who enjoys creating intensely vivid works using the method of automatism, in which the artist doesn’t always know how an artwork is going to turn out. As if from the artist’s subconscious, J.E. enjoys working intuitively to create art, and tends to draw inspiration from mythologies as personal narratives evolve from the abstractions. Crum focuses on engaging in the aesthetic experience of making art as a relaxation technique, to infer meaning from the art after being ‘lost’ in the process. Jennifer Crum has also been an art educator for 20 years, better known as Mrs.Wilson to her students. Crum enjoys working full-time in the fast-paced career as an elementary and middle school art teacher. The artist currently teaches nearly 1,000...


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J.E. Crum
PO BOX 490
Beech Creek, PA 16822
United States


The Artworks This collection of my artwork includes original paintings and drawings I've created over the past five years. Artworks available for sale and exhibition are noted within each piece's description and most works are also available to purchase as fine art prints. All prices vary.
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