Let me back up to the inspiration that seeded these changes. It probably goes back to my whole life journey, but I’ll address the most recent significant moment. It’s somehow coming clearer, as it always does in hindsight, that the true catalyst was my trip to Greece in September, 2018. I have taken other trips to paint, play and retreat, a respite from my professional work as a coach, but this trip activated something bigger in me that wanted expression.  It wasn’t as much about the art, as it turns out, as it became more about fresh awareness of my unfolding spiritual and life journey (More about painting, insights, Astypalaia & adventures in Greece to come). 

Bottom-line, I had the sustained experience of connection, grace and flow of staying in the present moment.  Yes, I’ve had numerous experiences, glimpses and sporadic stretches of this kind of bliss, but this was the longest, uninterrupted stretch to date for me.  I was in my zone…aligned, in sync, at peace and in gratitude for weeks.  I knew at some level it was not about the people, the place, the timing or the activities, though it all certainly served (of course, I was on vacation, right?).  It was really about what is possible for me to experience internally, no matter the outer environment and circumstances, should I choose to accept the invitation to fully trust in the present moment.

I came back from Greece with a commitment to myself to pursue my dream of doing my work virtually, as a global citizen, traveling, experiencing, creating, communicating and sharing as I go (I’m a long way from retirement in the professional sense, and it’s a long story I won’t be going into!).  The spiritual piece is about trust for me.  The emotional piece is about connection.  The mental piece is about expansion, and the physical piece is about the actual real time experiences. Oh yes, and the communal is about synergy. 

Watch out what you wish for, dream of and intend!  Life has a way of rearranging things to make way to fulfill on those declarations! I rode that flow wave for several weeks upon return from Greece, and then, layer by layer, the veil to all possibility thickened and I was back into my familiar work/play rhythm.  Not a bad place to be, particularly since I love the work I do, my clients, friends and leisure activities . . . simply back to where I left off.  The downside was that I frequently popped out of the moment and back into reminiscing the past and yearning for something different in the future, i.e. not being present in the moment. How did I get so serious!  Eeck!  That light touch seemed to drift further and further away. 


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