W H Y  W A T E R C O L O R ?

I find watercolor so beautiful and challenging because of its transparency and vibrancy of color, and the interaction between water and pigment, so quick, fluid and spontaneous, producing often-unexpected results and happy accidents (and some horrific disasters, which you will hopefully never see)! 

Over the years I’ve painted a bit here and there in oil, acrylic and pastel, and I still find watercolor the most difficult and challenging to me, which is part of the draw.  I so admire what artists have achieved through this medium that sometimes seem to defy natural laws.  It’s truly like magic! 

I use only “artist quality” watercolor pigments, like Daniel Smith, Holbein, Winsor Newton.  I use fine watercolor papers, like Arches and Fabriano 140 or 300 lb.  I’ve been experimenting with Yupo paper, which is a synthetic, 100% recyclable, waterproof (ironically), tree-free paper that is strong and durable.  I’ve also experimented with painting on or collaging with Japanese rice in my watercolors (see under Collage and Multi-Media).

I enjoy using watercolor in different ways.  Besides direct painting, I simply love watercolor pours and working on Yupo paper, both described under TECHNIQUES.  

To see my paintings please click on these galleries--Landscapes, Waterscapes, Townscapes, Animals Flowers, People,  and Small Images

Photo taken by Adriano Castroni


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