Spirit of the Lake

Making Waves
You wouldn't know it from my body of work, but I'm all about water.  My earliest memories are of day trips to the Pacific where my Dad fished from the shore.  When we moved to Illinois, my parents made sure we lived near Lake Michigan.  
I'm not as eager to get in and swim anymore, but watching the waves still nourishes my soul.    
I've had a series of photos of the shoreline for a number of years, and finally felt I wanted to try to capture the sense of movement and gorgeous color of our magnificent lake.  Above the water rises a spirit fish, symbolizing the magic I always feel from a body of water, and also the wish for clean healthy ecosystems.  

This painting is now available, along with a selection of others of my work, at the Curtis Frame Gallery in Libertyville.  I dearly love this beautiful little gallery located in the parking lot near the rose garden.  Do check it out if you are in the area, you won't be disappointed.


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