Custom watercolor portrait "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE", 35cm X 50cm, 2019

Custom watercolor portrait "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE", 35cm X 50cm, 2019
Custom watercolor portrait "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE", 35cm X 50cm, 2019

The aim of capturing the fleeting moments of life of people and pets with a watercolor portrait drives me to paint such a portraits, one of my goals at the time of painting a portrait is to capture the physical and physiological image of the person or pet in question, I have the enough experience to paint portraits; I have painted portraits of Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Ambassadors, etc.

Each portrait is painted on Fabriano 100% cotton watercolor paper using Windsor and Newton watercolors (tipe Cotman), faces and hands are painted using the “Bijou” watercolors of the Windsor and Newton (considered as the best watercolors in the world).

Each portrait is: 19 in x 14 in, ( 45 cm x 38 cm), other sizes can be discussed.

I offer two kinds of portraits:
  • Face and breast portrait,
  • Face, breast, and hands portrait
I used to painting very realistic and accurate watercolor portraits, but I am also able to paint oil portraits, I offer whole body portraits too, portrait prices are generally determined by the amount of work and details, I am open to special orders, such as:
Couple portraits, children portraits, house portraits, etc.

Before ordering a portrait, don’t forget the following:

Email me some photos of the person or pet in question, the higher the resolution of the photograph you send me, the better, the best photo shots to work with are usually not to possed and have a good range of light and shadow .

You will receive some photos of the artwork in progress until it is finished, only if you are in love with your painting, it will be sent to you.

The time it takes to complete your project depends largely on how many commissions I have lined up, but I am able to paint a watercolor portrait in one or one and half week.

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"MAURI VIRTANEN is made to shine, this is told by his unblemished traces and by his powerful creative spirit. This is why I appeal to his enormous faiht for him not to desmay, because beyond his talent is consistency wich will consolidate without any doubt his steps in this universe that only the chosen have a space".