Vinh Mac has been a freelance illustrator since 1994. He has extensive  anatomy, and classical art knowledge. Today he combines his love of anatomy and basic art training to design creatures, ships for fantasy art and the game genre. He switched from traditional drawing and painting skills to modern computer programs for speed and efficiency.  Though his first love still remains in the traditional medium, he has taught himself to create art digitally. He combines both worlds to reflect and express his artistic vision. Vinh divides his time between traditional fine arts and commercial art. His past clients has included many of the old role playing game companies such as (formally know as TSR) and many others role playing games companies. He resides with his fiance' in CA. On his personal time, he enjoys playing outdoor and collecting visual reference of places in his head.

Of the many talents, he plans to execute two ideas which he wants to pursue once material and financial means are met. "I have too much passion for everything creative!  I love it all as long it is done well with skill, thought and love.  To me art is about perfection and the process of making art."


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