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Johnson add me on your guest book.
-- Phil Mac, 7/9/13

Rail and Bus is overcrowded
-- Fadir, 11/14/12

Hey Vinh, just saying Hi and thanks for your advice, it was very helpful!
-- Jeffrey Yu, 12/12/11

awesome images OMG..will talk later .
-- Mitch, 2/19/10

Angelique Renee' Washingtonalmost everything about you and your style is reflective in my artistry and teaching philosophy (not technique or visual depiction; just attitude)-- so of course I must view everything -- which will take the meantime, know this: Your art shows passion, creativity and innnovation -- embodies art; your ideals are heartflet and your imprint on life thru such mediums is well crafted -- highly gifted and determined to success... Angelique Renee' Washington ps. I shall return...
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 1/29/10

fantastic work, pleasure to view. You have a great imagination . I'm glad i found this site to show some of my own work on.
-- James Lasenby, 11/4/09

Awesome and inspiring work. You're very passionate and dedicated, not just about art, but teaching as well. May God continue to bless you with talent, inspiration, and lots of work! Thank you for sharing...
-- Erika, 6/30/09

Vinh keep coming the good art and the passion for your job, is rewarding to work with somebody who cares about his job and how to do it better and is always open to share knowledge.
-- Beni Olea, 6/21/09

I like the way when you transfer the line into patterns, mood, visual texture, mosvement, and shapes.
-- Antoinette Ibrahim, 6/11/09

Vinh Mac works as a Concept artist for Archon Games with me. I do heavy computer animation (3D) stuff. I bumped into Vinh a couple weeks ago and we started talking. I have been taking figure drawing for almost 3 months now with a semi-top artist teacher at Academy of Art University, however I felt as if I wasn't learning anything. After mentioning to Vinh I was having difficulty, he told me to upload some of my figure drawing and he would "paint" over the problem areas in photoshop. I can thankfully say that in 3 days of getting help from Vinh I learned more from vinh than in my 3 month semester course. I would highly recommend Vinh as a private or public artist for personal teachings. It's Vinh who is making me a better figure drawer and maybe someday I'll be like Henry Yan. Thanks Vinh!!!
-- Benjamin.Libby, 5/9/09

I just love your arts. I especially like the concept pieces. Your imaginations and technical skills are superb. We wish you the best. Maybe some day we will see a machinery come out of your concept.
-- Dan Nguyen, 1/29/09

This a very nice site! Great job!
-- Lily, 1/19/09

Your art works are the best. Especially your concept arts. Great imagination! Keep it up!!!
-- Bear, 1/13/09

Like looking at your works... hope to see more soon!
-- Mai , 5/25/08

I Like you art work.
-- Phil Mac, 5/21/08

I Like you art work.
-- Phil Mac, 5/21/08

very nice site i like it,perfect .I voted for Lady In Red ,of course ,best painting entered.Keep in touch
-- David Salazar, 5/21/08

Your drawings are awesome! I wish you the best in all you plan on to do with your arts! Take care and GOD BLESS!!!
-- Mindy Moua Lee, 5/20/08