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Vinh Mac

Artist directory :: Vinh Mac

A BIG WELCOME!! I am glad you have taken the time to review my works. You will find my interests in design spanning from many genres. They are my unique vision exclusive from me. Contact me to see how I can help you with creative needs.

 Vinh Mac


Vinh Mac 
Vinh Mac has been a freelance illustrator since 1994. He has extensive anatomy, and classical art knowledge. Today he combines his love of anatomy and basic art training to design creatures, ships for fantasy art and the game genre. He switched from traditional drawing and painting skills to modern computer programs for speed and efficiency. Though his first love still remains in the traditional medium, he has taught himself to create art digitally. He combines both worlds to reflect and express his artistic vision. Vinh divides his time between traditional fine arts and commercial art. His past clients has included many of the old role playing game companies such as (formally know as TSR) and many others role playing games companies. He resides...


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Ontario, CA 91762
United States


FANTASY 36 items
HORROR 26 items
WEAPONS 20 items
ORTHOGRAPHIC DRAWING LAYOUT/CHARACTER SHEETS Projects that involved production, manufacturing and model conception.
WILDLIFE 11 items
DESIGN 25 items


cell game coming TRAIL WEST
I am working on another new phone game. We will let you know when it is released. we would love your support! Tell your friends.

what I do
Hello my name is Vinh. People call me Vinh. LOL. surprised? I have a strange sense of humor, I know. Seriously, I see myself as two things, a designer and a draughtsman In the language of visual art, draftsman are defined as excellent control with their tools. These tools can be a brush, pen, pencil or any of the digital tools. We strive for perfection in our observation and control with our marks. These marks are in fact what you see in the form of a picture. If these marks are placed in the right...

importance of color studies
I wanted to talk a bit about the importance of color studies. I have been playing with this for quite sometime. I have gained a lot of knowledge with these experimental small sketches.

New content, and new art.

4 reasons why vinh is good for your company
Besides being good in drawing I am: 1) CREATIVE/PROBLEM SOLVER- Most often creativity comes from experiences I have witness, seen or researched. Creativity for me is looking at a visual problem for an obvious point of view and then see how I can approach it from another angle. EXAMPLE: The plane and ships I come up with are from a organic life forms I have seen from researched.

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