Besides being good in drawing I am:

1) CREATIVE/PROBLEM SOLVER- Most often creativity comes from experiences I have witness, seen or researched. Creativity  for me is looking at a visual problem for an obvious point of view and then see how I can approach it from another angle.


The plane and ships I come up with are from a organic life forms I have seen from researched. It is simply a reflection of my visual references I have gathered.  I always try for a simple sihouette first before I GO DETAILS.

SUB IS REALLY A WHALE..THE lines are very curved.

PLANE -has the general forms of today modern plane but it has the thin, sleek sharpness of an eagle. It suggests speed. The narrowness of the snout is of a eagle's beek.

Creavity is what you will get from me.

2) GOOD LISTENER/NOTE TAKER- I think taking notes is very important. When a client hands me a problem to be solved, I listen and then ask specific questions relating to it. I never interupt while they are speaking. I take a mental note or a real note. It's that simple!

3) RELIABLE- commercial art is all about reliabity. A concept artist is the first in the line of creative personnel. We take an idea from words and put it into visuals. I remind myself that people depend on me to solve a specific problem and to meet dealines. You can't do this if you are not confident on drawing fast and effectively.

4) RESEARCH/ORGANIZATION- I myself spend a lot of time researching, not on client or company's time, MY TIME! I have much flash drives, that has specific  visual cues I can draw from fast and efficently. I often tell my students this. research and organization goes hand in hand, I think client and companies appreciate this.


5) SELF MOTIVATED- I have seen my students at times not motivated to draw on that particular day due to whatever the reasons.. I tell them companies don't appreciate this.  I  find the spark in everything you do plus it is commercial art not fine arts. I am happy to be a commercial artist, period. I tell them to be like me.

6) PEOPLE PERSON - My students  have all told me that I am funny and great to be around. I can't imgine that...:)


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