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Representing the work of 2 and 3-dimensional artist and creator, 
Joan Ouchida.

inspiration . . . 
Skis and snowboards travel many miles.
Bowling balls seem to last forever. 
A child’s bicycle is treasured until wheels are bent. 
transformation . . .
Reclaimed and reconfigured sports equipment can be reincarnated for a life as useful pieces, including benches, tables, coat racks, bird houses, 
planters and more.
reincarnation . . .
AfterSport Furniture piece is unique.
Each is artist signed, numbered and dated. 
Custom built pieces can be requested. 

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inspiration . . . 

Fabric scraps from the sewing room.
Ribbons and buttons from old and new.
Cups and bowls and pots passed on.

transformation . . . 

This group of work reuses fabric remnants from sewing projects and ceramic vessels found in charity thrift stores. 

reincarnation . . . 

Each pin cushion is unique; initialed by the artist and numbered. 
Custom pieces can be requested. 

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inspiration . . . 

Rocks and stones.
Pearls and shells.
Non-precious and semi-precious can still be treasures.

creation . . . 

My early study of geology has translated into a fascination with beads of natural materials. Each creation is designed to be an adornment celebrating nature.

To read more about Joan's Jewelry click here.

inspiration . . . 

Flora and fauna.
Skis and mountains.
Beauty in the minute and vast…

creation . . . 

 Most of my photographic pieces explore the wonders of nature, from the minuscule patterns found in small rocks, plants and insects, to the textures and colors in flowers and leaves, and the immense Central Oregon skies filled with patterns of clouds and brilliant colors of sunrises.

To read more about Joan's Photography click here. 

In all her works, Joan takes something old and re-incarnates it into  
something new and exciting.


on ALL Jewelry, Photographic Prints and Pin Cushions.


Some of Joan's photographs are also available through Fine Art America.

Aluminum, Wrapped Canvas, Wood and Acrylic prints available!
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