About Joan's AfterSport Furniture

Inspiration . . . 
Skis and snowboards travel many miles across snow before being cast aside. 
Bowling balls seem to last forever, but eventually are damaged. 
A child’s bicycle is treasured until wheels are bent and spokes are broken. 
transformation . . .
Reclaimed and reconfigured, old discarded skis or snowboards mixed with other sports equipment such as bicycle parts, bowling balls and the like can be reincarnated for a life as useful pieces, including benches, tables, coat racks, bird houses, planters, wildlife feeders and birdbaths.
reincarnation . . .
Given a new life after a life in sports each AfterSport Furniture piece is unique.
Each is artist signed, numbered and dated. The pieces and their core philosophy have been enthusiastically received by the public, fellow artists and art show juries. I enjoy the creation of these projects immensely.
Custom built pieces can be requested. One’s own used sports equipment can be reincarnated to be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come as a piece of AfterSport Furniture.

Click on Joan's AfterSport Furniture Benches, Bird Baths/Feeders, Bird Houses, Coat Racks, Planters, Swings and Tables galleries to see these unique pieces of art.

AfterSport Furniture Shipping Information:

All prices include free delivery within 50 miles of Redmond, Oregon 97756.
All other deliveries negotiated.

Joan's AfterSport Furniture unique reincarnation integrates the following:
  • snow skies
  • snowloard
  • bowling ball
  • ski boots
  • bicycle wheel
  • kitchenware
  • towel bars
  • reclaimed wood
  • ski bindings
  • bicycle frame parts
  • cabinet knobs
  • coat hooks
  • plumbing pipe
  • and more


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