About Joan

Let me introduce myself. I am Joan Ouchida, a multimedia artist. 

I was born in Alaska and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. As a child I was very interested in art and was always creating.

After a long career as a graphic designer, I have devoted more time in recent years to the arts and crafts I have always enjoyed. I find great pleasure in artistic pursuits as a custom seamstress, photographer, craftsperson, and artistic consultant. I now spend more time creating art in various media including photography, textiles, beadwork, acrylic painting, computer rendering, 3-D and mixed media.

My early study of geology has translated into a fascination with beads of natural materials. I design bracelets, earrings and necklaces using these small wonders of nature. Some pieces include glass, metal or other materials. Each creation is designed to be an adornment celebrating nature.

My interest in environmental issues, including recycling and reuse, has led me to another of my current works. I reclaim, recycle and reuse old sports equipment to design and build useful art pieces. Each piece is unique. Each is sturdy, stable and suitable for use in a variety of locations. My most popular designs use discarded skis or snowboards mixed with other sports equipment such as bicycle parts, bowling balls and the like.  I have made over 100 useful pieces, including benches, tables, coat racks, bird houses, planters, wildlife feeders and birdbaths. The pieces and their core philosophy have been enthusiastically received by the public, fellow artists and art show juries.

Another group of work that reuses and repurposes otherwise discarded items are my line of hand-crafted pin cushions. Each piece joins fabric remnants from sewing projects and ceramic vessels found in charity thrift stores with ribbons, bows and buttons. Others enjoy using these unique pin cushions in their quilting studios, craft rooms and sewing ateliers.

Also, I have picked up my camera again and am enjoying art photography. Most of my photographic pieces explore the wonders of nature, from the minuscule patterns found in small rocks, plants and insects, to the textures and colors in flowers and leaves, and the immense Central Oregon skies filled with patterns of clouds and brilliant colors of sunrises. Besides framed photographic prints, I have used some of these photographic images on handmade wallets and credit card holders.

I enjoy the creation of these projects greatly and also look forward to new artistic pursuits.

I hope you enjoy the pieces I have created.



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