About Joan's Pin Cushions

inspiration . . . 

Fabric scraps from the sewing room.

Ribbons and buttons from old and new.

Cups and bowls and pots passed on.

transformation . . . 

This group of work reuses and repurposes otherwise discarded items. Fabric remnants from sewing projects and ceramic vessels found in charity thrift stores are joined with ribbons, bows and buttons to create my line of hand-crafted pin cushions.

reincarnation . . . 

Each piece is unique; initialed by the artist and numbered. Others enjoy using these unique pin cushions in their quilting studios, craft rooms and sewing ateliers. I hope you find a place to enjoy the pieces as they work for you.

Custom pieces can be requested. One’s own used favorite cup and sentimental fabric scrap can be reincarnated to be appreciated and enjoyed for years as a useful object.

Click on Joan's Pin Cushion Gallery to see her amazing works.
For ideas for Custom made Pin Cushions, visit Joan's Sold Pin Cushion Gallery to see her previously designed and sold pieces.



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