Craft Show at Oakham


I had a table at the craft show in Oakham yesterday and had the most wonderful day. The people on either side of me were so chatty and friendly and helped to pass the day and the visitors to the show were lovely too.

 I am finding at these events, that when people stop to look at the paintings, they either say nothing, just look and then move on or some will make a connection and talk about the work and then you get some people don't even notice I am there and head straight for the stalls with trinkets and 'stuff' which is fine. Not everyone is interested in art. 

When people do stop, look and then want to talk to me about the process of my work, I love that! I had a particularly lovely lady yesterday who bought 4 of my pictures and had to stop herself from buying them all. When someone really 'gets' your style, your passion for your work and understands your creative ideas and finds beauty in the paintings it makes the whole thing worth while. I didn't get the ladies' name but if you read this, I hope the paintings bring you much pleasure in your new home and thank you for your open enthusiasm for my work. It warmed my heart no end!

I have another show on 6th November in Hinckley at the Creative Arts Centre in the Atkins building and will work on some Christmas themed small pictures to take with me. I feel quite exticed about the idea and need to paint! Off now to do just that.

Just before I go, I will be uploading new paintings onto the site tonight which can be purchased in the usual way. Anyone wanting commissions to suit colour schemes or with words of their own choosing please contact me via the website, phone or email. These would make ideal Christmas presents and can be personalised to suit. 


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Monday 11th October


Hi all,

We're into October now and the days are either stunningly beautiful or blustery and cold. I know which are my favourite!

I have a craft show on Saturday which I am looking forward to. After the last show, I packed my stuff away and haven't looked at it since... until that is last night. I decided to take a look and remind myself what I have to offer this weekend. It was a really nice surprise! I had forgotten how much I love the pictures. I'm not sure that it is politically correct to say out loud that you like your own work but I do! So many times when I have painted pictures, all I can see are the faults but with the 'Gentle Faces' paintings, I find that I absolutely love them. They have taken on a life of their own and each has a unique expression which is so gentle and beautiful and so I can stand (or sit) at my stall on Saturday knowing that I have done the best that I can do in creating thses paintings.

I hope the visitors to the show enjoy them and even more that people will love them enough to buy! I will let you know how it goes.

Take care for now.x


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Sunday 2nd October


Have been a little bit poorly over the last few days so no new entries. Just a cold but enough to drain me completely!

The season is really settling in now with days changing from sunny and vaguely warm to rainy, blustery and cold. Yuck! Love the changing colours and enjoy wearing warmer clothes better than summer clothes but don't like icky weather.

I have a craft fair coming up soon based in Oakham. I will post details nearer the time. I started today putting together some new ideas. I love the 'Gentle Faces' collection, really love them. In fact they have been wrapped up and tucked away since my last craft fair and I decided to have a quick peek to see how I felt about them only to feel really proud of what I had done. When you re visit your own work after a break away from it, you can sometimes feel quite surprised at how they look. As every artist (I'm sure) is filled with critisism of their own work and can often get too close so that they only see the faults, it is good to come back to work after not seeing it for a while. It gives you a chance to look at it with fresh eyes which are hopefully not quite so critical!

I'm at the hyper critical phase with the new stuff. I'm liking the idea but feel I haven't quite pulled off the execution yet. Bit of fine tuning here and there and then I think I might have something new to offer. If I'm happy with it I will add a new gallery to show the work. 

Hoping you are all well and 'having a go' at something creative. It's a great way to get a bit of 'me' time and lose yourself for a small part of the day. Enjoy!


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