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Bonestell Studios

Artist directory :: Bonestell Studios

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Bonestell Studios


Bonestell Studios 
Jay I grew up in a family where creativity was like breathing. Both of my parents were artists and my two siblings and I have always followed a creative path. I have been painting for most of my life, first working with oils and later venturing into acrylics, watercolor and pastels. While I am comfortable painting on canvas, paper, or walls (as in the case of murals), many of my pieces are created on found materials, including used wood, driftwood, rocks, shells, and even eucalyptus bark. My work primarily reflects my love of nature. My current body of work expresses what I call “magical realism,” in which I attempt to convey a wistful and parallel universe that is in the world but not of the world. Ann Inspiration for my work often comes in the form...


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P.O. Box 6393
Los Osos, CA 93412
United States


Jay - Acrylic Jay Bonestell Acrylic Work
Jay - Watercolor Jay Bonestell Watercolor and Mixed Media
Ann - Assemblage Assemblage
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