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Alex Hook Krioutchkov

Artist directory :: Alex Hook Krioutchkov

seascape, beach, sea, playa, marina, coastal, costero, boats, barcos, yachts, oriental, indian, India, World Cultures, ethnic, Egypt, world capitals, cityscape, ciudades, pueblos, Stadte, nude, abstract figurative, figurative, expressionism, embarcaciones

Alex Hook Krioutchkov


Alex Hook Krioutchkov 
Alex Hook Krioutchkov is an artist based in Spain whose paintings have been exhibited nationally and as well can be found in galleries and private collections in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands, China, Italy, Japan, Australia. His canvases reflect the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life and he believes that it is within the artist's power to capture it. From 1993 -- lives in London, from 1997 is a member of the Federation of British Artists (FBA). The extensive Art training, work experience as a Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, allowed him to explore himself, to learn how to see in his own way, to create his style. From 2000 -- he lives and works in Mallorca, Spain. STATEMENT...


MALLORCA realistic realistic paintings, seascape, beach, sea, playa, marina, boats, ships, realism, Mallorca, barcos
MALLORCA modern seascape abstract seascape beach sea playa marina
PLACES world capitals, abstract figurative, expressionism, places, sityscape, pueblos
NUDE nude abstract figurative figurative expressionism
ORIENTAL oriental abstract figurative figurative indian India World Cultures ethnic Egypt
ACADEMY realistic paintings and drawings, nude, portrait,
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