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Angela Alcerro

Artist directory :: Angela Alcerro

Digital illustration and paintings

Angela Alcerro


Angela Alcerro 
My work is multidisciplinary, being informed and executed within the context of both commercial and fine art. I am a digital artist by profession. I explore concepts and history of math and science visualization using digital art methodologies in my paintings. My influences are disparate and eclectic: Appolonius, Edward Tufte, Islamic art, as well as artists such as Gary Baseman, Peter Fowler and Fafi, artists who blur the boundaries of art disciplines.


Drawings I started to draw as soon as I could hold a pencil. As a child I would draw all over my father's textbooks and even scratched an image on his typewriter. I later took years of drawing seminars and workshops.
Paintings 15 items


What's new in my life....
Well the summer is almost over, at least for us Catholic school parents. Over the next few weeks we are in countdown mode to get Natalya ready for school. She has done lots of fun camps, from the animal shelter to and intensive swim camp and has had a blast. We spent most of the summer going to swim meets.

a word about layoffs...
Recently Mattel had another round of layoffs. Mattel has many layoffs, it just feels unique when it happens to you. I was caught up in a massive layoff nearly 3 years ago, so I know first hand how it feels.  I have contacted a few of the recently laid off, just as those just before me had done when I was laid off.

Eclective: an eclectic artist collective
EXHIBITION: Eclective Art Exhibition Long Beach 2nd Saturday Artwalk DATE: Saturday, June 9, 2007 4 pm - 10 pm LOCATION: Downtown Long Beach Linden Ave.

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