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Ann Cory Northwest Acrylic Artist

Artist directory :: Ann Cory Northwest Acrylic Artist

Ann Cory's art is full of children at the beach, children being children wherever they may be, flowers, landscapes, and birds.

Ann Cory Northwest Acrylic Artist


Ann Cory 
Ann Cory is the name Ann Cory Dorsey uses in signing her art work. She was named after her nationally known grandmother, Fanny Y. Cory , who illustrated books and magazine covers and stories in the early 1900's and later went on to have two syndicated comic strips for 25 - 30 years. Ann had the privilege of watching her grandmother paint daily pictures and illustrate the comic strips during her growing up years. Also during these years, Ann was an active member of a family painting "club" (known as the "Grunt and Groan Club") - which included her famous grandmother and other talented family members. Ann Cory married Jack Dorsey , a fine art painter known in the Northwest particularly for his watercolors and has learned informally from...


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Camano Island, WA 98282
United States


CHILDREN ART Children - at the beach or wherever they are (doing what children do best i.e. being themselves), make wonderful subjects.
RECENT WORK  I love the challenge of capturing a day, a feeling, a special time in a painting. I think that (good) art is like a poem - it condenses important things into heart language.
COMMISSIONED  ART Some people have asked me to do their special children. I prefer to take my own photos - but sometimes this is not possible.
PEOPLE ART I enjoy people. I love a lot of them and appreciate their relationships. So far the ones I've painted have inspired me for important reasons and always for the good.
BIRD ART Birds are a delight. The represent both freedom (as they fly) and everyday cares (as they industriously seek their dinners). I enjoy watching and painting them.
FLOWER ART  I am a gardener of sorts. There is nothing more beautiful than a bouquet - the fruit of sunlit, love and care !
Landscapes, and other misc. Once in a while, I go out of my normal subjects and this is where those paintings will go !


Come to see our family art work during "Encore Weekend"
Camano Island has a giant art studio tour on Mother's Day week end each year. I was so busy I didn't blog about that - but now am hoping to invite you to May 20, 21, 2017 "Encore Weekend"

You are invited ...
You are invited to a celebration of Northwest artist, Jack Dorsey's 77th Birthday with a "Past to Present" Retrospective Art Show. March 11, 12, 2017, at Camano Island's Sunnyshore Studio.

#28 on Camano Island Studio Tour May 6,7,8,14,15
You and yours are invited to come to our son, Jason Dorsey's new art studio during the Camano "Mother's Day" studio tour. He's # 28 on the south east of Camano. Paintings by our whole family on display, for sale.

Our son, Jason Dorsey, writes "I Remember Fishing with Dad" book
This book,("I Remember Fishing with Dad",) written by Jason Dorsey, our son, is richly illustrated in original watercolors by himself and his dad, Jack Dorsey. It is a children's book that will be loved by all ages and is available from the author. Pre-sales begin now, book arrives for distribution on December 1, 2015.

Dorsey Family Art Show Opening October 3, 2014 in Indianapolis
For the first time in a number of years, our family will be exhibiting their original art together - this time in Indianapolis where our sons Jason and Jed Dorsey and their families live.

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