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Art's Alive! Maple Hall - Invitational and Open...

Artist directory :: Art's Alive! Maple Hall - Invitational and Open Art Shows

The La Conner Arts Commission is Devoted to Bringing High Quality Art to the Skagit County and Surrounds. The Once a Year Art's Alive Show with Art Galleries Throughout Town Draw Visitors from Far and Wide.

Art's Alive! Maple Hall - Invitational and Open Art Shows


Art's Alive! La Conner ART'S ALIVE MISSION STATEMENT The La Conner Art's Commission is dedicated to encouraging artistic expression and providing diverse, high quality art for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. History In the early 1980's La Conner Resident Martin Hahn, owner of the Black Swan Cafe came up with an idea for an annual arts festival. One evening in 1984 Hahn, together with his staff Ed Kamuda, Michael Klough and Paul Hanson, began discussing the concept of a festival that would highlight the local art as well as business community. What Hahn envisioned was an event that would extend La Conner's commercial season during the stark times, the month of November. They would call it "ART'S ALIVE " Martin Hahn, Rich...


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Maple Hall
104 Commercial Street
La Conner, WA 98257
United States


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