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Fine Art, Prints, Giclees, Murals,

Artist directory :: Fine Art, Prints, Giclees, Murals,

Art Zone Studio is our Fine Arts Studio located in Ottawa ON where we paint on canvas We also do Murals & specialty paint finishes Enjoy, Terry & Letisha

       Fine Art, Prints, Giclees, Murals,


Art Zone Studio 
The name Art Zone Studio came about as a result of clients being able to find all their artistic needs under one roof. including fine art, murals and specialty paint finishes. We love our work and do landscapes, still life, portraits and commissions. Our attitude is one of a high creativity is what we thrive on Inspiration to transformation! Terry Stevens and Letisha Smith are the main artists.


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438 Hillsboro Pvt
Ottawa, ON K2M3A8


Available Paintings with Prices Available paintings for sale (Free shipping to US and Canada)
New works Fresh off the easel. Newest works are first
Wildlife 25 items
The New Brunswick Series A series of paintings based on our trip to New Brunswick witnessing the amazing rocks and tides there. We were in wonder of the many textures and colours of a dramatic landscape.
Sold Artwork sold or commissioned artwork purchased
Landscapes 66 items
Florals 18 items
Still Life various still life images that captured our attention
Portraits Portraits by Tish
Tobermory - Bruce Penninsula/Ontario Various experiences of this beautiful part of Canada triggered the inspriation to paint what was seen, felt and heard. The fragrance of those moments still linger as our brushes attempt to express the impossible on canvas.
Archives A gallery dedicated to paintings 5 years old or more.
Murals Murals are created on threee levels to meet the particular needs of our clients 1) Basic 2) Medium amount of detail 3) Very detailed
Children's Murals Children's Murals from simple to more detailed work. A sketch is done first to be approved, price is discussed and then your mural of choice is expertly painted. We do all our own work and do not sub-contract, so the person you hire is the same one that does the job.
Sports Murals Hockey, Soccer, Surfing, Scuba diving,Race cars, Billiards. Bowling to Ballet! We create the hand painted sport mural of your choice to give punch to any wall. We can discuss your budget &,concept and then do a sketch before starting the project.
Textured Finishes  Faux stone,Venetian plaster, Indiana limestone, Jewelstone, French plaster, Faux marble.
Decorative Faux Paint Finishes These are various jobs we have been requested to do for clients as custom work.
Fireplaces These are fireplaces that had drywall surrounds, ugly brick or tired wood mantles that became refreshed by stone finishes.
Pillars Pillars done in various plaster and paint finishes to emulate natural stone, and polished marble
Cost of Murals There are 5 levels of pricing for murals starting from simple to detailed. Pricing may vary depending on the space, location or negotiated price. General Pricing for murals Minimum charge of $350. Level 1 Simple children's mural Level 2 Decorative i.e.
CHEO Dream Home 2011 We thoroughly enjoyed doing the artwork for the 2011 CHEO Dream Home with a variety of images and wall finishes set out by the designers.
Minto model homes 2011 These are a few photos of murals and wall finishes we did for Minto Communities in Ottawa in Jan 2011. There were four model homes designed by Donna Corey and executed by us.
Art Square Gallery Show in TO We had a wonderful time at the Art Square Gallery which is right across from the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) in Toronto. The owner, Leyla made us feel right at home. Here are a few comments from our guest book "Congratulations on a stellar exhibition! Unique and beautiful art.


Best Small Business Storyteller for 2019 is Terry Stevens
Best Small Business Storyteller for 2019 is Terry Stevens of Art Zone Studio!

Child's Play
Child's Play

How to do what we do
Tish and I have had several requests on how to do what we do. especially faux marble, stone & specialty paint finishes. The finishes are often detailed and specific so we are offering an on-line service to reveal our approach and specific information. We have invested time and money in learning how to do these finishes and found that the effort has been invaluable for many years and continues to be a source of pleasure and income. As expected,there is a consultant fee based on the complexity of the finish

Art Commsissons
As the two principle artists at Art Zone Studio, we do commissioned paintings as well as what you see in our galleries here. Perhaps a graphic with strong lines & bold colours –a painting based on a remembrance of a particular place, or an Abstract to enhance the specific colours of your décor. Dream - offer us a theme or let us suggest or co-create a colour scheme and we can meet your specific needs as we love to see the unlimited possibilities of art.

Art Commissions
Tish and I do artcommissions specific to the request of the clients who request them. Our latest one was for a 17 year old snowboard enthusiast who wanted a rrendering of the experience of snowboarding in the Rockies and coming home at the end of an exciting day of riding the mountains with snowboard under his arm walking off into the sunset.

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