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Barbkat Art--Kathy Metcalf, Artist

Artist directory :: Barbkat Art--Kathy Metcalf, Artist

Various contemporary selections in acrylic of the artist's interpretation of texture, movement and color. Most paintings done by the artist using only her finger as her brush. Must see to appreciate the texture of her work.

Barbkat Art--Kathy Metcalf, Artist


Barbkat Art -- artist KATHY METCALF 
...ME..... I've always had trouble with "bios" and I never really know where to begin or exactly what to say. I am a native born and bred Dallasite, so I guess this makes me a true it or not. The first 50 years of my life I have spent learning about life and now I'm using the last years to express what I've learned and seen and I'm able to put that reflection into my art. There is no formal art education tucked under my belt, just trial and error. Actually, being self-taught has been fun. It has shown me how to express myself in my own way without any interference from the outside world. With the dawn of the 21st century came the awakening of my need to paint. Since then, I've grown in more ways than I can imagine and a...


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Dallas, TX
United States


TEXTURE Hard to photograph, but a joy to behold in person. Heavy raised texture created with the stroke of my finger.
SERIES IN BLACK AND WHITE A collection of paintings showing that black and white really are colors and can be used in a variety of ways.
FACES Every once in a while I have to go off the deep end and do something just a wee bit out of the ordinary
JUST COLOR If you like color....then, this is the place to be
PAPER SERIES This is a collection of paintings using paper instead of my usual "secret' texture method. Different feelings. Different emotions.
Pollock Style 6 items
Purely Ink Instead of acrylic paint, this gallery consists of works done using colored inks.
BOX & CIRCLE SERIES In this series I tried to create as many different ways to use color with boxes and circles as possible. Each painting is the same basic theme (a box grid containing circles), but each painting is different in that the configuration of the grid varies.
FOILS Just another step in my experimentation with things that are a little different.....who said that "all" art had to be created with paint?
BOGO (buy one, get one half off) This collection is one of smaller canvas' and lower price points.
BROKEN SERIES A new series of artworks showing the breakdown of emotions and life. This group of pieces represents the way in which the tiles of a life can be scattered and broken.
Customers and their art The homes and the people who make my art their own.
Richardson Mercantile Art, antiques and more. Visit the Richardson Mercantile at the intersection of Coit Rd and Belt Line.
LIGNET ROSET FURNITURE GALLERY Thank you to my friend, Alexa Grossman, of Lignet Roset Furniture for allowing me to photograph my art at her furniture gallery. Lignet Roset has two stores in Dallas, one at 4516 Mclinney Ave and the other in the Design District.
1013 Plano Art Show 2/3/2016 Art show benefiting the "24 Hour Club"
Uptown Players Art shows and art donations to the "BEST LITTLE PLAYHOUSE" in Texas


Anyone in the Dallas, Tx area is invited to my May 5th art charity show at the Cathedral of Hope/Interfaith Peach Chapel. Lots of new works, a few light snacks and something to wash it down with. The show starts at 5pm and is over at 7:30.

New Art for BOGO Gallery
Finally uploaded some pictures of my latest artwork. Here is one piece to peak your interest.

I've just finished a new series of pieces that have stretched my abilities. With these new creations I've taken what I call "tiles" and stacked them, scattered them and tried to create a sense of being "broken". I've also completed two different pieces (one in the Paper Series and one in the Black and White Series.

Home...Is this really where the heart is?
My home, my existance, my world. It's all changing and I'm not sure I like the direction it's going.

Just finished another new piece for my foil collection. I entitled it THE RUNNER and it's easy to see in person, but like most of my works, it's hard to capture in a photograph. Stare at it long enough and I think the vision of the person will come through.

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