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Michael Staley Designs

Artist directory :: Michael Staley Designs

I create bejeweled pieces of three dimensional art. I recycle everyday ordinary objects and adorn them with Swarovski crystals, assorted glass beads, plastic beads and buttons. I am also a mosaicist.

Michael Staley Designs


Michael A. Staley 
I was born in Fremont California in 1967. After spending time in southern California as an adult I moved to San Francisco in 1987. Shortly thereafter I was inspired by a jewelry box in a boutique. It was so beautiful I thought that I could create something similar. I did! My first piece is called "Inspiration". It is in the Bejeweled Boxes section of this site. From there I would create boxes for friends and family as gifts. I discovered that my work required focused concentration. I am very passionate about my work. I usually work on several bodies of work concurrently. At times I can have up to four works in process at once. It’s exciting to have variety in what I do. I’m never without something to work on. I discovered the art of doing...


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San Francisco, CA 94114
United States


UNDER SEA FIREPLACE MOSAIC In December 2013 my landlord gave me permission to demolish the lava from my fireplace and create whatever I wanted. I rented a demolition hammer (hand held jack hammer) and removed the lava. What a chore! It has taken me 19 months and approximately 1000 hours to create this piece! Throughout my apartment I have black and gray tile on the floor.
BEADED SQUARES  In this gallery you will find my most recent completed pieces of work.
LIFE CAN BE A SCREAM I was inspired to create a very unique piece of art. I took Edvard Munch's "The Scream" and recreated it on canvas. I used #2 glass 1/4" bugle beads.
SKULLS & BONES Here is a collection of animal skulls and bones I adorned with Swarovski crystals.
GALLERY I Working with small beads and crystals is my passion.
GALLERY II More pieces of my passion for beads.
FRUIT This is commissioned piece I did for someone from New Zeland. It is a set of seven artificial fruit encrusted in Swarovki crystals.
HIGH HEEL SHOES These heels weight about 5 pounds. They are filled with a cement compound to keep the shape of the shoe.
BOXES Here you'll find a collection of boxes I have created over the last decade.
MOSAICS I was inspired by an artist named Sharon Von Senden. She created the mosaic that covers the walls and floor at the St. Louis Museum.
LIGHT SWITCHES Here are various light switch covers that are bejeweled with beads, crystals and in mosaic style.
ADULT WORK This gallery is for adult related works.
GRAHAME PERRY'S ART USING MINE A talented photographer friend of mine, Grahame Perry borrowed some of my art to create some wonderful beautiful art of his own named "Art Is Real".
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