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Beverly Zimmer Sculpture

Artist directory :: Beverly Zimmer Sculpture

Since 1991, American sculptor, Beverly Zimmer has created equine and animal sculpture and jewelry. Her work has been collected worldwide. She is known for intensely sculpted jewelry designs to life-size sculpture. She specializes in horses and wildlife.

Beverly Zimmer Sculpture


Beverly Zimmer 
1991, collectors worldwide have enjoyed Beverly Zimmer’s work in clay, bronze, silver, and gold. Specializing in equine sculpture and jewelry, her work has been awarded and internationally acclaimed for over 32 years. From the beginning of Beverly’s career, she has been a recognizable presence in the equestrian industry. Years of working with and training horses –from birth through advanced riding training –provides a deep understanding of equine biomechanics and behavior. Beverly graduated from the Tyler School of Art (Temple University) in 1990. During her enrollment, she challenged the academic boundaries by working in more of a performance art genre. Her ambition in exploring the equine form in unconventional context was received enthusiastically and...


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Walland, TN 37886
United States


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