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Surreal Images by Bill Leonardi

Artist directory :: Surreal Images by Bill Leonardi

My Surreal Images utilize the New York City environs; and techniques including distortions of physical reality, multiple perspectives, changes in scale, and juxtaposition of placement. The results are dreamlike photos with vibrant imagery.

Surreal Images by Bill Leonardi


W. and H. Leonardi & Co. Inc. 
Bill Leonardi 1961-1965 Began studying Photography and Art during high school in Brooklyn, N.Y. 1965- 1969 Earned a degree in Art from S.U.N.Y. New Paltz. During this time, I had two photographs in national collegiate touring exhibitions, and two photographs published in the S.U.N.Y. Arts Magazine 1969-1970 Taught Art in Newburgh, N.Y. 1970-1983 Spent a great deal of time studying in Art Museums while working in various retail businesses. 1982 Married fellow artist Helene Miller. 1983-1998 Began my professional art career creating sculpture in collaboration with my wife, Helene. Our work has been exhibited in museums, and sold in galleries and Art Shows. 1998-Present Created,exhibited, and sold my original photographs in local galleries and on...


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575 Central Avenue Apt.507
Brooklyn, NY 11207
United States


Surreal Images 66 items
N.Y.C. Photos A collection of photos of interesting sites in New York City. Matted 8" x 10" .
Landscape Collages I created these works in 2004 and 2005. All are matted 8" x 10". Most are Matted in gray with an opening of 3 1/2" x 4 1/2".
Sculptured Hands From 1985 to 2005, My wife Helene and I created 'Sculptured Hands" fabric sculpture framed in lucite. The following artworks are still available.
"Sculptured Hands" Photos A collection of photographs made from our Sculptured Hands fabric sculpture. All photographs are matted 8" x 10".
Found Object Sculptures From time to time since 1983, my wife Helene and I would create sculptures from objects we found around our neighborhood or in our home.
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