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Carol Broll's Ceramic Tile Art and Gifts

Artist directory :: Carol Broll's Ceramic Tile Art and Gifts


Carol's Ceramic Tile Art and Gifts 
I've just retired from a career in technology and am now devoting my time to my ceramic tile art. Ceramics is not so much an issue of texture to me, as an alternative canvas for expressing feelings and ideas. I love the crispness and luster of the medium and find that it accentuates my designs. I have a great love of classic literature and poetry. In many of my tiles I combine excerpts from literary works that have moved me with my designs to create a product that reflects the marriage of the written word with visual art.


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New York, NY 10017
United States


**NEW*** Vegan Glass Art Gifts I am starting a new line of gifts for vegans that are both humorous and artistic at the same time. I did this so that vegans (or friends/families of vegans) could give gifts with a vegan message that are more sophisticated than the traditional t-shirts and mugs. These gifts contain a vegan cartoon framed in an original fused-glass frame.
8" tiles Four new 8" tiles with vivid colors. Two of the tiles are with social protest themes
4" tile whimsy This gallery contains new whimsical 4" tile designs mounted in frames, boxes and trivets
COMMISSIONED WORK Inspired by the poetry tiles, the text on these tiles was supplied by the clients. They are either excerpts from a favorite poem or their own original text(enhanced with my original illustrations). One of the tiles is a whimsical portrait of a client's two dogs (Maltese and ShihTsu).
POETRY IMAGES 8" ceramic tile squares set in black wooden frames ready for hanging. They contain excerpts from poems that I found particularly moving and are illustrated with what I saw in my imagination when I read the poem.
FRAMED WALL TILES 8" and 6" ceramic tiles mounted in wooden frames and ready for hanging on the wall. Most frames are black, and a few are rosewood.
SOCIAL COMMENTARY 6" ceramic tiles with quotes by famous people which are still relevant today
GIFT ITEMS Original tile paintings mounted in a variety of gift formats.
GOETHE'S FAUST TRIVETS Goethe's Faust was written in the early to mid 1800's. Its message is timeless. I have chosen several quotes that are particulary meaningful today and written them on tiles that are mounted in black metal trivet frames.
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