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Catherine McClure Lindberg Landscape...

Artist directory :: Catherine McClure Lindberg Landscape Artist, Oil...

I am an oil painter artist. Painting en plein aire and in the studio. Mostly landscapes and seascapes. Selling through various venues, galleries and fairs. Carefully balancing the life of an artist, wife and mother.

Catherine McClure Lindberg         Landscape Artist, Oil Painter


Catherine McClure Lindberg 
I was born the 3rd child out of 4 to two artist parents.  Started painting at the early age of 12.  Obtained my BFA at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. Now called California College of the Arts. I have been painting and selling from coast to coast for over 30 years.  I gain most of my inspiration from my local area in Northern California. I hike all over Mt. Diablo sketching, photographing and painting small paintings en plein aire.  I use this information in my studio to create the larger pieces.  The mountain provides and endless inspiration with its ever changing color, light and mood. When viewing the world around us, we are often struck by the beauty of a scene. The stillness of a winter morning, sunlight...


Studio Work Often created from smaller paintings done en plein aire. I also hike all over, gathering sketches, field notes, photographs, or what ever information I need to take in to the studio to create a large painting.
Plein Aire  Small works painted en plein aire, French for out in the open aire. Usually completed in just a couple hours.
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