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Cheri O'Brien

Artist directory :: Cheri O'Brien

Ms. O'Brien is an American professional artist working in oil, acrylic and gouache painting, papier mache sculpture and fused painted glass.

Cheri O'Brien


Cheri O'Brien 
Resume Education: Everett Community College- AA Degree in Arts &Sciences EDGE Program, October 2007, Artist Trust Independent Travel/Study- Europe, Mexico Artist Residency: Centrum, November 2002, Port Townsend Laughing Horse Gallery, Taos NM Public Art Commissions: Snohomish County, 2016 $60,000 Evergreen State Fairgrounds WSAC 1% for Arts, 2012 $25,000 Silver Lake Elementary, Everett WA Community Transit, 2010 $27,000 SWIFT Bus Platforms Community Transit, 2009 $110,000 SWIFT Bus Platforms, Sno...


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Seattle, WA
United States


Figurative Work Paintings of people doing interesting things.
Work on Paper This gallery features my latest work in gouache paint on water color paper or brown paper. I have been painting with gouache for over twenty years, enjoying the color and quality this medium yields. Some works are inspired by Morris Graves, other works are inspired by early American painters such as Edward Hicks and interesting characters that keep popping up in my work.
Dogs and Creatures I love to paint dogs and various other creatures show up as well. I find dogs an endless source of material since they are so diverse in looks and nature.
Landscapes Ms. O'Briens landscape paintings are inspired by the view from her studio window overlooking the Snohomish river and also the Palouse region of Eastern Washington state.
Work on glass Reverse paintings on glass and fused painted glass
Public Art Public Art Commissions from private and 1% for arts. Washington State Arts Commission, Puyallup Sculpture garden, Community Transit SWIFT bus program, Lowell Community Park in Everett, Washington, Seattle Metro Transit, Seattle Pike Place Public Market 2002 Pigs on Parade.
Sculpture I have been creating sculptures using papier mache since 1991. Here are my newest works which are the largest I have done to date.
Older works These fine paintings were created from 1989 through 1998 and are available for purchase.
Archives These works have been SOLD. If you would like to commission a similar work please contact me. Thanks for looking.


Hello Dog
This collection of dog portraits I painted several years ago and first was selling them one by one. I decided I liked the whole group together so now they are for sale as one piece. Dogs have always inspired me with the variety of breeds and their loving antics.

Year end Sale
I have decided to have a Year-end sale of 25% off, but I still need to add tax and shipping if needed. I have a lot of work as you can see and would love it for them to find their homes. Send me a note if you find something you want.

Snow is falling, winter is almost here
I find myself humming Christmas carols in the store, the car, my house pretty much everywhere, anytime. The snow has already fallen a few times in Santa Fe, NM and I hope we get some in Everett too. Such a lovely sight, and it always, every year inspires me to create a new snow painting.

Autumn is here, the leaves are changing and so am I. Time to reassess my ideas, my plans, my self and on. What is the most important thing? As an artist, I find that if I don't paint I don't feel well and I haven't been doing a lot of painting lately.

Finishing up work in the studio
I had this oil painting on the easel for over a year maybe two, just waiting for me to put the finishing touches on it. Done. At last.

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