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Chris Laurnen Art

Artist directory :: Chris Laurnen Art

Drawings, paintings & ceramic created by Chris Laurnen

Chris Laurnen Art


Chris Laurnen 
Hello. My name is Chris Laurnen. Born in Seattle, WA, in 1968, I reside there today as well. I draw, paint and do ceramics, and have a BA in Art from Lewis&Clark College, Portland, OR, and a MFA from Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT. My art gallery showing experience is with the Jamison Thomas Art Gallery, and PDX Contemporary Art, both of Portland, OR. My drawings are owned &displayed by Swedish Hospital, in the Seattle area, and Oregon Health Science University, in Portland, OR. I have done commissioned drawings for families in Bellevue &Bellingham, WA, and Honolulu, HI. I hope to have a gallery show in the near future. I'm available to do commissioned art work as well, including illustrations & editorial pieces, book covers &murals.


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PO Box 14293
Seattle, WA 98114
United States


Drawings in progress These are sketches I've made, which I hope to make into full drawings in the time ahead. A few pictures are of drawings which I began but need to finish.
Prints of drawings These pictures only show prints of drawings. None of the art works shown in this particular gallery are originals, just prints. Prints are very similar to originals in color, the main difference is that prints are matte (non-glossy), while original drawings are glossy &shiny.
Sketches #1 I hope to use many of these sketches for future drawings.
Sketches #2 24 items
Sketches #3 36 items
Sketches #4 30 items
Sketches #5 24 items
Paintings 17 items
Ceramics 48 items
Ceramic tiles 6 items
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