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Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles, Artist

Artist directory :: Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles, Artist

Mixed media artwork, fused glass designs , felted creations, ceramics and digital fabrication.

Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles, Artist


Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles 
I am an artist and an art educator. I work with digital images, experimenting with ways to integrate them into traditional media.


Artwork 6 items
Fibers 9 items
Fused Glass 7 items
Ceramics Terra cotta, porcelain, stoneware.
iPad Art Experiments with iPad apps
iPad Designs Geometric and abstract designs. Experiments in color and form.
3D Printing Example of experiments in 3D printing.
Jewelry Copper, Silver, Metal Clay, Enameled and Felted Jewelry
Glass Experiments Trying out new techniques


Experiments with thread, roving, misc. fabric pieces & sewing.
Learn a lot from Amanda about using Solvy to create new fibers. I have to live with these pieces for a while to decide my next steps.

Working with powder on glass
Spent the weekend experimenting with powdered frit on glass. Waiting for pieces to come out of the kiln.

Lost wax casting
Working on wax vessels to be cast in glass. Tedious work. But the end result should be amazing

Felted items for sale at Lillstreet Holiday Show
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