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Valery Larson - Fine art and illustration

Artist directory :: Valery Larson - Fine art and illustration

My work tends to have both a realistic and whimsical flavor. There is a kind of magic in the everyday. I feel fascination with the way a mouse is put together, with it's tiny heart, brain and tongue to the countless faces I see around me.

Valery Larson - Fine art and illustration


Valery Larson 
"Every painting you do, you gain a year to your life," said grandma. My 7-year old brain pondered what she meant. She had a treasure chest full of insightful comments and beautiful brush strokes. I used to accompany her on her painting outings. She taught me of the importance of color and the beauty of economizing on line. School was rather challenging as there was too much math and not enough art. So I filled the spaces I thought were too void, with sketches and comments on the teachers, birds outside the classroom windows and the kid that bugged me. The teachers believed my mind wasn't in the work and sent countless notes home, suggesting that my parents talk to me about the importance of not daydreaming. I've got to hand it to my parents, they just...


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United States


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The importance of consistancy in Character
It seem so simple but can be difficult to remain consistent in keeping a character look the same no matter what position they are in.

Beginning of summer in Northern California
Another beautiful morning. It stay's wonderfully cool here in the redwoods. I've been thinking about the characters we illustrate and the challenge it is to keep the character looking the same from every angle. Some times even the tiniest line can turn it into a different character. The main thing is to keep drawing and studying the characters. Sometimes I like to use a bit of clay to create a character so that I can understand it from every direction. The main thing though is to keep drawing.

While walking in the woods this morning on the way to my part-time job, walking slow was the way to go. As it's spring here in northern California, all the plants are showing off. I especially love the way the Miners lettuce looks like tall skinny ladies twirling their dresses around.

I've been thinking of how everything has an anatomy and when it finally sunk in my little brain, it opened up a whole new door. For instance, painting or drawing waves was always a bit difficult. Realizing how each wave basically curls the same (depending on weather, etc.), the way they roll and foam and the way the light hits, under and over the wave...

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