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Lorie DePoalo's Art Projex

Artist directory :: Lorie DePoalo's Art Projex

Fantasy artist but love many subject matters. I use various mediums for unique effects along with oils, acrylics and colored pencils.

Lorie DePoalo's Art Projex


Lorie Marie DePoalo 
I was born in Middletown, NY. August 18, 1970. Art comes naturally and am mostly self taught but also learned a lot thru other people and certain job opportunities. I'm a kid at heart and tend to have "cartoon" look to most of my drawings/paintings. Travel, emotions, nature, music and just being around other creative people are my inspirations. I don't stick to one type of medium because I love pretty much everything. I'm drawn to certain cultures and incorporate it into a lot of what I do. I went on vacation to Playa Del Carmen years ago and was inspired to do Mayan influenced pieces using built up layers of ground pumice stone on canvas and carved. In 2010 I moved to Hawaii for 5 years and my art reflected the island. My last trip was to Ireland and...


Artwork Oils, acrylic, colored pencils and other media. Fantasy art.
Projex Logos, signs, tattoo designs...
Photograpy Some of my favorites. All da kai n 'aina (ocean and land) taken in my Hawaiian hale (home).
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