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Dewdrops Creatives by Diane Donahou

Artist directory :: Dewdrops Creatives by Diane Donahou

Dewdrops Creatives is farm grown flowers preserved in acrylic resin and on fabric for lasting beauty. Some are enhanced by macrame pieces. Others are used for jewelry pieces and usuable arts such as coasters, serving trays and decorative pieces.

Dewdrops Creatives by Diane Donahou


Dewdrops Creatives by Diane Donahou 
From the time I was a young girl, I have always had a love of flowers and plants. It was obvious that I loved to preserve them and would like them to last forever. When I was introduced to acrylic resin, I realized my dream of keeping them forever was within reach. I have always been good with my hands. And so my journey goes on. Please follow along with me.


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18476 Cardinal Lane
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
United States


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