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Art of Duane Kirby Jensen

Artist directory :: Art of Duane Kirby Jensen

Doors that led us backwards and forwards. ©2021 By Duane Kirby Jensen, 9 x 12 ink on Yupo Medium

Doors that led us backwards and forwards.

2021 Gallery Paintings / Sketches

2020 was a productive year, even with all the craziness going on. I was able to complete around 350 paintings and sketches. I am excited to see where this year will lead.


Duane Kirby Jensen 
The Landscape of Flesh and Emotion I believe for a person to truly feel a painting, an artist needs to be a fearless seeker of truth. To reveal the honesty of emotion within ones subject. When I paint I try to feel the emotions at its deepest level, then allow those feelings to merge with the pigments on my brush and seep into the surface of my work. In this way, I believe people go beyond simply seeing my work, but instead they feel it. Allowing it to trigger their own life memories. Thus the viewer and the subject morph into something new on an organic level. I seldom touch on happy times. To paraphrase Tolstoy, 'all happy people are the same.' What truly makes us individuals is how we feel as we pursue or loose love. Our greatest works in art,...


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2632 Rucker Ave Apt 35
Everett, WA 98201
United States


Books By Three Frogs Swimming Publications Three Frogs Swimming Publications is starting to branch out - doing books beyond those of Duane Kirby Jensen. ________________________________________________________ I started making chapbooks for myself in 2011. I have a background in magazine layout and design.
2019 Gallery Welcome to my 2019 creations.
2018 Gallery 1.15.18: Welcome to 2018. I am start this year on a roll and that momentum has not slowed. This year I am back painting moments as reflected in faces.
2017 Gallery 2017 was an frustrating year creatively. Due to an injured hand, I was unable to hold a brush for most of the first have of the year. Then off and on for another three months. Paintings kept dancing in my head demanding to be painted.
2016 Gallery of Paintings and Sketches I have met 2016 with a creative rush. Working small, working loose, working with quicker/choppier brush strokes and working with more greens, blues, and whites and no reds (In most of the new paintings). ---- * I have met 2016 with a creative rush.
2015 Gallery 2015 has started with a bang. Five small paintings produced on 1.11.2015 to start the year, carrying on the momentum of November and December of 2014. I start by adding two more paintings to the Kohaku series and three more to the Forgotten God Series that has now merged with the Edison's Children series. -- A new series - Tokens of Tactile Memories - came, almost out of nowhere.
2014 Gallery This year started off fast in terms of paintings, then things slowed down due to working on a few commissions, dislocating/straining my thumb on my painting hand, intensive writing ) short stories and poems) and putting together a large exhibit for a show in Bellingham. -- --- SERIES I --- "Old Gods and Totems" I closed the old year and have begun 2014 with an exploration of totems, worshipers, and gods. --- SERIES II --- Paintings to go with my poem "Quantum Physics" There is and will also be...
2013 Gallery People keep asking, "What are the ideas that lay behind my Kohaku series?" Kohahku is both a new series and a new phase of artistic exploration. I started the fits sketch as I sat with my friend Jack McCarthy , on Tuesday January 15th. (Jack would pass two days later).
2012 Gallery --- Please note: All paintings are sold unframed. The artist retains reproduction rights on all paintings/sketches/images created purchased and purchased. --- All Paintings in this album ©2015 By Duane Kirby Jensen .
2011 Gallery The last half of 2010 witnesses the deconstruction of my work. Meaning that instead a painting with a large narrative scope, I began to focus on aspects of the whole. Views of feet to wast; crowds consisting of heads and hats or simply midsections.
2010 Gallery 2010: Magical Realism: Exploring narrative lines in similar yet different way. What has become apparent during these first few months is that the whimsical side of my personality has surged to the forefront and taken my work in a new narrative direction. To use a literary term, these new paintings are an exploration into the realm of magical realism.
2009 Gallery 2009: The Large and Small of it. I love the challenge of painting within a smaller format, while retaining the intensity found in larger work. I came across 5 x 7 Claybord panels, at Daniel Smith art supply, and quickly became intrigued by their possibilities. This resulted in a series of intense close-ups.
2008 Gallery  Giving up control and embracing my unbound nature The early part of 2008 saw three major focal parts: The Conversation, Green Room, and Blue Room Meditation series. The Conversation series was about grouping a series of woman in non-verbal dialogue. The Green Room series was another exploration of interior dialogs, but this time in a unified place that flavored and deepened the overall mood. Blue Room Mediations was simple an exploration of the human form as an abstract.
2007 Gallery 2007: The further exploration of the beauty of loss and longing. The core of my work is the exploration of interior dialogs. What can read from the verbal expressions of a subject when the individual does not feel they are being watched. It is at those times when thoughts and emotions that have been bottled up seep into view.
2006 Gallery This page is still under construction. More images and titles soon. -Duane Kirby Jensen 2006: The pursuit of painting as a way of life I have painting since I could walk. It has been a long love affaire, but one that did not dominate my life.
2010-2011: Manikin dreams and despair The nature of being human Manikin Dreams: What is it to be human? Is it to be more then flesh and bone? More then red liquid pumping through veins? Is it thought, laughter, the ability to love, to sing, to dance, to dream? Or is it empathy: to feel the joy and sorrow of others? Is it the willingness to shed water, to sacrifice ones own flesh? Is it the ability to question? How can a disassembled mannikin ever dare to think, to breathe, to dream of of nimble movement, to gaze into the eternal silence and...
'The fragility of identity within the city.'  This page gives you a peek inside my creative process. These sketches are ideas for a new series I am playing with in conjunction to an upcoming exhibit in may, entitled: Conversations within the Landscape of Emotion. With these sketches I am playing with space, atmosphere and the narrative line I want the eventual paintings to evoke. -Enjoy.
Faces: A Sketchbook Faces: A Sketchbook ©2010 by Duane Kirby Jensen, 5 x 8 ¼mixed media on paper The past six years have seen my do around five hundred paintings. During that time most of my sketch work goes unseen, as its the base of the paintings themselves. At the beginning of 2010 I found myself missing doing sketches for the sake of simply sketching.
Whispered Lands Sketchbook Whispered Lands Sketchbook ©2010 by Duane Kirby Jensen, 5 x 8 ¼graphite &pen on paper. The past six years have seen my do around five hundred paintings. During that time most of my sketch work goes unseen, as its the base of the paintings themselves.


Pod Cast from my Featured Reading at Bellingham's PoetryNighty

2013 Art Awards: Everett honors local artists, educators and art
2013 Art Awards Everett honors local artists, educators and arts supporters Award ceremony to be held Nov. 21 Mayor Ray Stephanson will honor the award recipients of the 2013 Richard Wendt Award and Mayor’s Arts Awards during a celebration at 5 p.m. Thursday, Nov.

Asked and Answered: Questions from ArtHASH:
Asked and Answered: Questions from ArtHASH: A Pulse on the Art Beat. Visit ArtHASH at: ( 8.26.10) As artists, we are often inspired by the world around us-- but there are times we also need a nudge. I was curious as to substances that enhance the creative process.

My Artistic Process
Note: This was written in July 2007. My Artistic Process By Duane Kirby Jensen As An Artist… I am the voyeur who captures people's inner moments, those quiet times when they do not believe that anyone is watching. I strip away the mask to see their inner soul.

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