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Erika Matyok

Artist directory :: Erika Matyok

Paintings and Drawings

original drawings, paintings, and prints (available for purchase)


erika matyok 
Erika Matyok’s painting style is derived from and inspired by traditional Hungarian embroidery from the Tard region of Hungary, known as Matyo embroidery. Matyok uses strong folk art symbolism in their work with use of bold color, pattern and select imagery. Their work reflects an abundance of positive energy and spirited emotion.


mural arts Large scale exterior/interior public, commercial and residential murals designed and executed by Erika Matyok
decorative arts/home decor uniquely handcrafted items for home and office
Surfboards The process of designing, hand shaping and glassing custom surfboards
cut outs various size hand cut foam sheets
sand mandalas large scale mandala drawings in sand
Beach Photography Original photographs


Beach combing
A collection of beach combing finds including shells, sand dollars, seaglass, and bones

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