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Extreme Sculpting- Chainsaw Carvings

Artist directory :: Extreme Sculpting- Chainsaw Carvings

Georgia chainsaw artist Chris Lantz prides himself on creating one of a kind custom chainsaw carvings. He travels the United States sharing his craft, and has won many competitions!

Extreme Sculpting- Chainsaw Carvings


Extreme Sculpting 
I’m often asked if I have a background in art. No! I’ve been sculpting for 12 years now, however. In 1989, a year before I was born, my dad and uncles used to drink, party, and do drugs. They started going to church in Melbourne FL and met a man named Ted Traverse. Ted said he believed God was leading him to teach them to chainsaw carve. I watched until I was 19 and on Dec 5, 2009 I left my house with a trash bag of clothes, a $20 bill, and a pack of cigarettes. I moved to an abandoned flea market in Columbus GA and slept there for a week and a half. Finally I got ahold of a chainsaw and carved a bear that sold for $125. Since then, I quit smoking cigarettes and gave my life to the Lord. I’ve carved full time for almost 12 years now and I enjoy it...


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Suttles rd
Mount Airy, GA 30563
United States


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