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carol faga

Artist directory :: carol faga

I enjoy painting and drawing the subjects around me. I especially enjoy creating the ideas that come into my head. The picture I am about to do, determines whether it be oil,watercolor or pastel.

carol faga


carol faga 
Painting has always been my passion, but I found it to be also a form of healing after my son's passing at the age of 25. I turned to painting, sometimes all night till dawn. His portrait, entitled "Kevin" is my best and favorite piece so far. You can find this charcoal drawing in my gallery, under "Pastels". I can say that I put my heart and soul into it, and felt so connected to him at the time I worked on it. It took years to come to a point in life when I can do what I love to do the most. I enjoy painting, and find inspiration from so many things in life. I work in variety of mediums including watercolor, pastel, and oil. I sometimes create from what I see in my mind's eye, and sometimes my inspiration comes from a photograph. When I work with...


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3613 coral springs dr.
Ponpano, FL 33065
United States


oil on canvas and canvas board oil on canvas 9 X12 not framed mounted on tile board.
pastels pastels on paper
water color water color on paper
cards and calendar paintings in oil, pastel, water color, drawings and photos
Pencil Pencil and mixed media
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